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World-famous Chilean Walnuts

Chilean Walnuts are recognized worldwide for their exceptional quality. Its fame goes beyond its high contribution of Fatty Acids, Vitamins and Proteins: Chilean walnuts are also famous for the exemplary management of their growing and for the seriousness of all the processes involved in the product export.

For MeliFen, it is essential to be up to the demanding international regulations, both phytosanitary, commercial and labor. Therefore, we reject and denounce any form of exploitation or negligence in those areas, including the use of labor from poor countries or with a vulnerable population.

Walnut and Dry Fruit 100% cultivated and processed in Chile.

Av. 18 de Septiembre s/n, Hijuela 2 Fundo San Rafael 9540000 Paine, R. Metropolitana, Chile

Google Maps reference: G531 5180, Paine, Chile. | Waze: Econut, Paine, Chile

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