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Proud to be Part of this Peculiar Planet

From the Faraway South

We are excited to reach the most distant lands with something of ours, with excellent quality, great flavor and with the value of the diligence proper of our people. Our Walnuts and Dry Fruit, growed in the southernmost lands of America, are processed with technology, tradition and deep responsibility sense. This has meant that we are recognized in the 5 continents and that every day more people allow us to be part of their world.

Enjoy now the best chilean dry fruit with MeliFen: Walnut, Raisins, Hazelnut, Prunes, Almonds, Apples, Cherries, Cranberries and Blueberries.

And ask for our special products: Seasoned Walnut Cubes (Basil, Garlic, Onion, Oregano or Pepper) ready to use and look with salads and hot meal. So as Cherries in Syrup or Walnut Oil too.

Truely innovative product

We believe that the product reaches our customers should not only meet the nutritional and health characteristics required by the traditional market. Being farmers, we know that the production processes is a long term effort, so we are always aware of global trends growing, innovating both varieties and techniques. And as processors, we permanently work to create new tasty options for that "special" demmanding costumer.


From the beggining
the difference

From planting and during all the years of waiting until the harvest, we practice all the experience and technology of leading consultants, with permanent development programs about all production problems, including topics such as harvest and post harvest, so sensitive to the quality of the final product.

In the other hand, we work intensively to keep the quality despite of the large volumes of production, managing the crop and post harvesting very carefully, in order to avoid stress for the fruit from the beginning.

Why ethical
walnut matters

We are concerned to care for our lands, so as privileged as scarce in the southern hemisphere, especially here in South America.
Therefore, our trees are carefully cultivated, with a very rational use of energy and water and adjusted to the most demanding national and international labor standards and phytosanitary management.


Deep process understanding

We are proud to be partners with prominent growers and Econut, the most important supplier of walnut processing services for export in the country. Together, we have the mission of deepening every day the knowledge and technique to deliver healthy, safe and high quality food.

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